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Before approaching logo design, we make it our mission to understand the ‘DNA’ of what makes up your brand values. We will understand you and your business’s culture before we begin. We see your logo as the face of your brand and we pride ourselves in visually reflecting your identity in the final design we give you.

Below are a handful of logos we’ve made for some of our past clients. We’ve been so kind as to share a short summary of our design thinking behind them as well.

London School of Executive Education (LSEE)

LSEE required a new visual identity that would feel fresh, clean and modern, so we started with the logo. We used a traditional ‘university blue’ to give a masculine feel to the logo and we used a splash of orange as the complementary colour which reflects the ‘warm’ nature of the school. We have made sure that the full name within the logo is big enough to be clearly visible across a broad range of platforms (e.g. social media where it could be viewed at smaller sizes). The bold orange stripes are seen to almost be acting as a supporting structure for the blue ‘executive’ letters in the logo. These are visual metaphors used to reflect the supportive nature of the school to its students. The stripes can also be seen as ‘stripes earned’ reflecting the rewards received from studying with LSEE. More detail on how we changed the old logo to this one can be found in a case study on ‘our work’ page.

London School of Health and Social Sciences (LSHSS)

As LSHSS is a school of health and medicine, they requested that we include the Rod of Asclepius in the design (not to be confused with Caduceus which is often mistakenly used to symbolise medicine, but is actually specifically a logo for the US Army Medical Corps). As the symbol itself is quite detailed we chose to keep the composition simple. This is a type-based logo with one simple colour used (a blue often found in medicine and health fields). We wanted the logo to appear iconic enough to work without the full name of the business always showing, but be completely readable if the text is included should the school wish to use it on different platforms (eg. Social media, where the logo could appear smaller). The Rod of Asclepius was tested on each S in the logo. The most obvious place to try was the last S so the full name of the school could fit from left to right in one line, but the composition looked unbalanced. After many tests it was clear that this final outcome was always going to be the one that worked best, with and without the text.

London School of Tourism and Hospitality (LSTH)

LSTH requested a logo that would be modern and fresh as well as reflect the schools identity. We thought about who would attend the school and why, and what they would aspire to do upon graduating. Fresh thinking individuals and luxury hotels and restaurants came to mind. This logo combines shapes that reflect high rise buildings stereotypically linked to luxurious hotels – inspire, think big. These have been placed closely together to give the impression of an award or plaque symbolising high quality. Colour choices were between red and gold- two colours that are associated with luxury and tradition (but quite hideous if combined into one composition). While gold was the first choice for this design (which is what looked most traditional for a badge or plaque of quality) we later changed it to these red tones. This instantly combined our traditional idea with a modern twist. The red on white effect is always a bold look to go for and the grey text below worked in bringing all of these elements together in harmony.

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