Logo Re-Design: Case Study

Launch Monkeys

London School of Executive Education required a new visual identity that would feel fresh, executive, clean and modern, so we started with the logo. Here’s a break down of our design thinking.

New logo colours

We used a traditional ‘university blue’ to give a masculine feel to the logo. This is to reflect a traditional ‘executive’ look. We then used a splash of orange as the complementary colour to reflect the ‘warm’ nature of the school. Just a splash of this bold colour paired with the blue keeps it fresh and modern. The full name in grey is still readable but is not competing with the bold letters above. The logo is left looking iconic this way and therefore recognisable from afar.

New logo composition

We have made sure that the full name within the logo is big enough to be clearly visible across a broad range of platforms where it could be read in any size (e.g. social media). The bold orange stripes are seen to almost be acting as a supporting structure for the blue ‘executive’ letters in the logo. These are visual metaphors used to reflect the supportive nature of the school to its students. The stripes can also be seen as ‘stripes earned’ reflecting the rewards received from studying with LSEE

So what was wrong with the old logo?

Well, LSEE felt it didn’t reflect their identity and we could clearly see improvement opportunities as well. Here’s why; this particular stylised font suggested a slightly dated and old fashioned business. This impression was magnified when paired with the gradient-filled icon used with it. With the use of bold colours and modern fonts we were able to achieve a fresher and more modern approach to the design with the ‘executive’ feel LSEE wanted. The new logo now reflects LSEEs values and their executive specialist courses – strong and supportive, global and iconic, serious but welcoming.

But don’t take our word for it…

Client feedback

“We used Launch Monkeys for the re-design of our website, logo and numerous brochures / marketing materials. We also had LM re-design our entire brand identity. We were unhappy with our old one and needed Launch Monkeys to bring us out of the dark with a modern, fresh look which would reflect our company values.

This was an area in which we were not very comfortable with handling ourselves so we required a lot of hand-holding. They worked closely with us ensuring that we were satisfied every step of the way. We are very pleased with the end result and we would recommend them with every confidence!”

Darren Windsor, Principal of London School of Executive Education

We applied this identity to the rest of their marketing materials and to the re-design of their website as well. To continue to exercise a fresh and modern feel we’ve kept the materials image heavy, with plenty of white space surrounding all elements.

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